Days outside!

A film by the Austrian Alpine Youth Club about free, open spaces, confidence, and healthy risks.


The film is an offer to take a closer look. Aside from individual portraits Days Outside! gives impulses on the topics of freedom and healthy risk-taking and brings them to the screen. The chosen guidance is simple: with the individuals in focus, with open questions and much curiosity, finding serendipity in days outside. Taking a broader view Days Outside! connects to the expert symposium of the Alpine Youth Club from November 29th, 2019 in Vienna.

Gerald Koller told visitors of the symposium that the important questions of our time cannot be answered without a distinctive risk balance. Children do not learn this balance without risk. We are happy that Gerald summarizes the foundation of the work of the Alpine Club in his thoughts in Days Outside! in such a manner.

Days Outside is about movement, relationships with nature, living in real-time. And about being together, here and now.

You need solid ground to carry you. And then the courage to open the door. There’s solid ground out there, too. You’re just not familiar with it yet.

Gerald Koller

About the film

In Days Outside! Magda and Pete from the Young Alpinist TEAM take us into steep walls. We look over the shoulders of the risk´n´fun crew Luki, Greta, Samu, Kili and Hannah while freeriding and biking. Timon takes us and his family to the Ferienwiese of the Alpine Youth Club and to his home.

Over the course of two years Franz Walter accompanied these kids and young adults, following them through the lens of his camera, during different stages of their life and learning.

Overall the film has evolved to encourage to advocate freedom and education and to make it possible for children and adolescents to take on more responsibility for their life and learning.

Alpine Youth Club Austria

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