Days outside!

A short film about community and inclusion.


About the short film

Days outside, special experiences in nature and within a community, are important to us. They’re long lasting. They give us courage, open up spaces for encounters, and create new perspectives.

We tell colorful stories with “Days Outside for Everyone!”. We take time to meet people, to form connections despite our differences. This film portrays many simple, precisely captured moments of children, adolescents, and grown-ups with much sensitivity for the topic. They’re all united by their individuality and openness, their enthusiasm for being outside and being together. Without leaving anyone behind.

We’re different people. We don’t ask the question: Do we want inclusion or how do we make inclusion possible. We must embrace differences.

Andrea Szabadi-Heine

The film is a proposal to learn from the colorful stories of other people. To give the unknown space, to create openness towards each other and to approach one another. The film brings individual portraits to the big screen and further provides impetus on the topics of participation, equality, common ground, and inclusion from the perspective of children, adolescents, and grown-ups.

The chosen perspective is simple: always looking towards the protagonist, with open questions and a keen sense for the topics to uncover happiness in the moment of experiences and the feeling of being free.

“Days Outside for Everyone!” was produced by the Austrian Alpine Youth Club and implemented with filmmaker Franz Walter. The result is a short film that encourages us to learn from the stories of other people and to live inclusion with all its facets in the Alpine Club and in our society.

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